Welcome to Rubadoo (pronounced Rub-a-doo) Vintage Collection.

I was born and raised on a fourth generation farm called Riversdale, near a little village called Tylden in the Queenstown area of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. (Tylden is renowned as the birthplace of Steve Biko, the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa).

Home was a large stone house built in 1903.  I had a wonderful relationship with all of my grandparents, but one grandfather, in particular, influenced my creativity.  His name was Norman Brauer.  Grandpa was the Headmaster of Queens College Junior School, turned Art Inspector and Lepidopterist (butterfly collector).  Grandpa loved walking in the outdoors and he was always armed with a sketchpad.

Grandpa nicknamed me Rubadoo and I drew inspiration for my logo from my Grandpa’s handwriting found in my childhood books (books which I still read to my young son).

Rubadoo is the fruition of my childhood dreams.  Dreams, inspired by beautiful stonework, handcrafted furniture, butterflies, singing in the rain, gazing at the stars, riding horses, and just doing what kids are meant to do.  I am in awe of colour, fabric textures, artwork, nature and old-world charm, but mostly by the sheer magic of my carefree childhood spent on a farm.

I developed a passion for sewing started from a young age and after obtaining a diploma in Theatre Craft I joined Da Gama Textiles as a Textile Designer, and from there I pursued my love of design and fabric with various other companies, in both a permanent and freelance capacity.

The range reflects my love of children, fabric, design and all things vintage and it includes children’s sleepwear, ladies ”slumber bum” lounge pants, baby breast feeding bibs, doo-doo (sleep-time) comforters and nappy bags.  Included in the range are beautiful crocheted accessories for little girls, handcrafted by a wonderful team of ladies from the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust – inspirational women making a difference within their community.

Our locally produced, luxuriously handcrafted designs are very unique and our sewing technique, together with a timeless sense of tradition, is what helps guide our designs.  Our wish is that you and your loved ones enjoy the feel of the natural textures against your skin, whilst appreciating traditional beauty.  And all this with the added convenience of online shopping.

Life is a journey and we have no idea of the path it may follow.   I have learnt so much from my upbringing, overcoming adversity, as well as the wonderful people I have met along the way.  Don’t stop dreaming …